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        Durga Metal Profiles, Belgaum
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        Durga Metal
        Durga Metal
        Vibro Feeder Vibratory Feeder Heavy Duty Vibratory Feeder
        Durga Metal


        Providing the Superiour Quality of Steel Profile

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        Vibro Feeder / Vibratory Feeder

        DMP vibrato feeders are used for controlling the flow of material from feed hoppers to the vibrating screen, using twin unbalanced video motors.

        Vibro Feeder


        These video feeders enable the heavy-duty equipment by removing the problem of vibration caused by the welded construction. Offering uninterrupted operation each feeder utilizes the forces set up by two synchronized, counter-rotating, heavy-duty, unbalanced Vibratory Motors, which are firmly fixed to the Feeder trough, in a specific angle to the feeding level. Feeders with unbalanced drives, vibrate freely on a support spring which is insulated against vibration transmission to the base frame. This result in a straight line, push-pull, -linear, oscillating motion. The fact that the motors are synchronized and in balance with one another, eliminate the isolation problems normally associated with simple brute force single eccentric drives systems.

        Product Details :
        Pan Sizes0.15 m3 to 3.5 m3
        Unbalance Vibro Motors0.5 HP to 10 HP
        Min Capacity50 TPH
        Max Capacity500 TPH

        Adjusting the Feed Rates:
        The resultant force output, amplitude final product conveying speed is readily adjustable on all Feeders. Percentage settings are marked on the shaft of each motor. Loosening one bolt on the outer eccentric weight enables the eccentricity to be adjusted to the desired percentage of maximum force available.

        Capacity range: from 50 TPH to 500TPH.
        Pan Sizes: 0.15 M3 to 3.5 M3.
        Unbalance Vibro Motors: 0.5 HP to 10 HP.

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