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        Durga Metal Profiles, Belgaum
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        Durga Metal
        Durga Metal
        Impact Crusher Hammer Crusher Impact Hammer Crusher
        Durga Metal


        Providing the Superiour Quality of Steel Profile

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        Impact Crusher

        With the help of these Impact Crushers, we crush the feed materials to make the fine range of materials. These impact hammer crushers work by means of rotating beaters with the reversible head. With the help of reversible rotor with crushing ledges arranged on both sides, the wearing faces of the hammerheads can be completely used without reversing the hammers.

        We offer the wide range of Impact Crusher, Crushing Machines, Drum Crushers, Lime Stone Crusher, stone crusher, mineral crusher etc.

        A grate can be fitted, if necessary, at the outlet to obtain required product gradations. These mineral crushers are best suited for limestone, ore with low iron content, gypsum

        Impact Crusher

        # Available in sizes 160 TPH, 60 TPH.14 " * 48 and 14 " * 29"

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